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When a person say that they feel empty on the inside, it is usually being said from a negative point of view. It often comes from a place of feeling lost, confused, and hopeless.

You see, we tend to fear what we don't understand. We even fear emotions that we don't understand. That is why a person that is used to pain can sometimes fear love. Just as a person who is addicted to love can also fear pain.

But once you come to know what emptiness is, perhaps, emptiness can be experienced from a place of power.

The reason why most people speak of emptiness from a negative point of view, is because most of their existence they have been identifying with a false self. A false self with false stories about itself. False, not because they are untrue. Nevertheless, these stories are false, because these stories do not empower. 

An individual can identify with a disempowering story for so long that they begin to feed off of that story: even if that story makes them weak.

They literally become full of BS. Full of "Bogus Stories."

Over a period of time, these bogus stories start to weigh them down; causing them to feel depressed because they are suppressing the expression of their true Self.

It causes the individual to become lazy in their thinking, emotions, and behaviors. Since we are creatures of habit, we eventually become identified with these negative thoughts, emotions, and behaviors; and we start to think that this is who we are. 

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To rid yourself of the mental, emotional, and spiritual baggage, is to enlighten. Enlightenment is to literally become light on your feet. 

As you forgive yourself and the world around you, you experience the weight of the world being lifted off of your shoulders; and you experience the world from the power of emptiness.

On this episode of, NSOL Radio, we explore the power of living empty. 

Thank you for tuning in.

Robbie Cornelius
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