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Robbie Cornelius: Spiritual Life Coach and Founder of NSOL Radio.

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The picture above is inspired from my meditation practice today. 

Meditation can be looked at as the art of facing yourself; and also, the art of facing the world as well. 

It is one of the most convenient paths to honesty.

As we sit and close our eyes and simply pay attention to what we hear and fill, often we become aware of why we feel the way we feel. 

And often, the reason we feel what we feel has to do with other people. 

Energy is subtle, energy is sensitive, energy is attractive by nature. In The Celestine Prophecy, it talked about how disharmony between human beings stems from the fact that we are consciously and unconsciously seeking to manipulate the energy of others; because we most people have long forgotten how to access this source of energy, love, within ourselves. 

It is part of the reason for so much conflict in the world. People trying to control other people has been the downfall behind every downfall  throughout history.

When our thoughts no longer control us; we begin to consciously select our thoughts. When our emotions no longer control us, we begin to consciously select the way we behave.

When we stop to meditate, we directly in the mirror of our soul.

Once we move beyond the chatter of the brain, and once we have recognized fear as just an emotion, we begin to control ourselves and free the world. 

Controlling yourself and freeing the world does not mean that you do not care for the people of the world. It simply means that you no longer "need" people do anything in order for you to be truly happy and peaceful on the inside. 

​You no longer function as a head with a body. Instead, you start to think, feel and consciously act in harmony with your body.   

From your head to your feet, you experience yourself as being at peace. 

When you walk, you become aware of every step you take. When you speak, you become of every word you say. You become aware of everything you touch; every thought you think and every emotion you feel. 

This is the experience of pure awareness. You are awake. You are no longer asleep. 

When you are awake, you can consciously establish your purpose for living. Once your establish your purpose for living, you no longer unconsciously drift through the world. You let go of your victim mentality. You recognize that time is your most preciously commodity. 

Now, you begin to choose your associates wisely. For all of your associates feed off of your energy. Therefore, be cautious of the dominating minds that occupy your immediate environment at any time. Listen to your body. It will always tell you whether or not you are in the right place. 

Imagine that you are searching for gold. Imagine that your body is the metal detector. And imagine that your feelings let you know whether or not you're closer to success. 

Feel your way through Life. Some people call this, "Emotional Intelligence" or "intuition". Whatever you choose to call this is up to you. Nevertheless, this will cause you to trust in yourself more. The more you trust in yourself, the more you trust in the Universe to guide you to happiness and success. 

Thank you for reading. 
"Be and Wonderful Day"! 

Spiritual Life Coach
​Robbie Cornelius

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